09 Jun 18

Decoding Urban Naxals – Anand Ranganathan In Conversation With Vivek Agnihotri

Distinguished filmmaker and now author Vivek Agnihotri is in the limelight because of his new book, Urban Naxals.

In the book, Agnihotri writes about his journey in making the film Buddha in a Traffic Jam, which exposed the nexus between an India-wide Maoist terror movement and their supporters in urban centres such as the academia and media.

While Naxalites are waging a war on India with detailed plans for an overthrow of the state, urban Naxals act to amplify their message, serve as recruiters, and wage a propaganda war through social and conventional media.

Urban Naxals recounts Agnihotri’s own grooming in college to be an urban Naxal and details the plans and modus operandi of the movement.

The author’s story is essentially a behind-the-scenes look at the making of his film, the violent resistance to its screening, and an expose of the world’s largest extreme-left terror movement and its penetration into urban India.

This article first appeared in swarajya on June. 09, 2018.

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