10 Sep 14

Morality Syndrome

Down Syndrome foetus abortions: are the lines between science, rationality, morality and hope blurred?

Somewhere along his evolutionary timeline, Richard Dawkins turned from a priest to a preacher. The difference is subtle; indeed, in many parts of the world, perhaps non-existent.

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14 Jul 14

Exploring GM Foods (Part I – A Molecule is Born)

The birth and rebirth of one of the world’s leading germicides, the world’s food problem and more.


A mixture of about 50 parts of glycine, 92 parts of chloromethylphosphonic acid, 150 parts of 50% aqueous sodium hydroxide and 100 parts water was introduced into a suitable reaction vessel and maintained at reflux temperature while an additional 50 parts of 50% aqueous sodium hydroxide was added.

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09 Jun 14

A Bend in the River

Is the inter-linking of rivers the solution to India’s water problems?

In the long run, quipped Keynes, we’re all dead. Nations, though, have to think of the long run. The hunt for oil, water, land, food, energy – for many it is a question of survival of their people.

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