23 Apr 14

Au contraire!

The media should be contrarian while criticising or praising the government, but a little judiciousness would be welcome.


In these dying days of the UPA regime, to make up for lost time, our opinion-makers are busy clearing a backlog. Hardly a day goes by without a valiant new signature campaign, or a last-gasp effort to save secularism for posterity, or recalling gas chambers and concentration camps.

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18 Mar 14

Standard Business

Is the Gujarat Manufacturing Miracle hot air or helium?

The other day, I read Mihir Sharma’s recent column on crony capitalism, Thy hands, great oligarchs. “The takeover of India’s politics by its oligarchs is almost complete”, began Mihir, and once he picked up speed everyone from the Ambanis to the Tatas to the Rangarajans of the world – everyone except Manmohan – had come under his rampaging three-wheeler.

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12 Feb 14

When Penguin turned Chicken

Why people should lambast Penguin and not Dinanath Batra for asking for Wendy Doniger’s book to be banned.

Victimhood is a shop round the corner and I want my daily bread.

There are many stories associated with Henry Ford, the inventor of the assembly-line, and one such merits retelling.

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24 Jan 14

The Grammar Of Anarchy – AA:P

Is the Aam Aadmi Party a colony of Mobile Republics?


“I am an Anarchist! Wherefore I will not rule, and also ruled I will not be!”

                                                                                                             – John Mackay

Ever since Arundhati Roy famously declared herself to be a Mobile Republic, I have wished to know what it’d be like to be one.

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18 Dec 13

Aakar Patel’s Doodles

Is this what Aakar Patel doddles during edit meetings at the PMO?


Hello, dear readers! Your uncle Rangarajan this side of the digital divide. Normally I wouldn’t hesitate to offer you my jasmine-scented greetings but what to do? The omnipotent Balaji knows I am helpless.

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17 Dec 13

Modi Magic?

Why Modi and BJP are a thinking Indian’s challenge.

large 2

Editor’s note: There’s a mystery to this article, so be sure to read till the end.

Narendra Modi is a man before his time. A couple of decades along, too late for him, there will be a bigger constituency in India for the anti-Muslim demagogue.

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10 Dec 13

Pehle AAP

Why Aam Aadmi Party should form the government.

Article image AAP winning

Arvind Kejriwal has lived a dream, but he must slap that alarm clock now and wake up to reality. The Delhi Assembly election results have proved most pollsters except Chankaya wrong. Then again, perhaps it’s to do with the name.

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